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Healing Soak

This organic unrefined sea salt soak is a sterile vegan concentrated mixture that is easy to use, heals piercings fast. Sea salt soaks have been recommended for thousands of years to reduce inflammation, soften scabs, remineralize cells, and allow osmosis of bodily fluids, making them a safe and gentle rinse for healing a wound or body piercing. Not all sea salt is the same. H2Ocean has chosen to use the Red Sea, which is considered the heart of this ocean planet. The most safe and effective essential sea minerals for optimal healing are from the Red Sea.

You can soak a gauze or folded clean paper towel to place over your body piercing for an easy-to-use sterile sea salt soak. H2Ocean, Amazon, and select professional tattoo and body piercing studios are the only places where you can get it.

  • Unrefined sea salt from the Red Sea
  • Over 82 trace minerals essential for life
  • USP grade sterilized saline solution
  • Safe for all skin types and diabetics
  • Makes 1 gallon, .09% isotonic solution
  • Trusted by top body piercers in the world
  • Doctor approved

Purified water, unrefined sea salt.